Understanding Level 2 Accredited Service Provider Electrical Services in Australia

Level 2 electrical services in Australia refer to a specific category of electrical work that requires additional qualifications beyond those of a standard electrician. These services are typically more complex and involve direct interaction with the electricity network. In short: Any electrical work in NSW that involves direct contact with the electricity network—such as major installations, metering, or connecting service lines—it’s crucial to engage a Level 2 Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) electrician. They bring the necessary expertise, safety standards, and compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring that the electrical work is done correctly and safely.

When would you need a Level 2 ASP Electrician?

There are a range of situations of when homes, rural properties and commercial businesses in the Snowies would require a specially accredited Level 2 ASP electrician for electrical works. A level 2 ASP is often needed for major construction or renovation projects, especially when new infrastructure is being built. Here are a few examples:


Installing or upgrading the mains connection – connecting, disconnecting or reconnecting new or established homes to or from the electricity network. Rewiring due to bushfire damage – After bushfires sadly impact Snowy region homes, rewiring including replacing burnt cabling by approved Level 2 electricians is required before mains power can be safely reconnected. Their specialist skills ensure compliance. Underground power conversion – For improved resilience against storms and fires, overhead cabling may be converted to underground feeds necessitating transmission line alterations by suitably qualified personnel. 

Rural Properties  

Pumping stations/water points – Installing or upgrading electrical infrastructure for remote pumping stations or powered watering points requires specialist Level 2 capabilities. Off-grid solar microgrid builds – Transitioning areas of larger rural holdings to fully off-grid solar electricity requires bespoke solar microgrid systems sized and linked to backup generators that Level 2 ASP experts can provide.

Commercial Premises

High-voltage equipment repairs – Faulty HV transformers, switchgear and cabling mean equipment interacting with utility supplies requires Level 2 capabilities for fixing or replacing damaged infrastructure.   Metering upgrades – Scaling metering hardware to match supply upgrades for expanding hotels, apartment blocks or retail outlets depends on specialist sizing knowledge and accreditation. Adding EV charge points – Enabling large scale EV charging facilities demands carefully mapped mains upgrades and sub-metering hardware that only Level 2 electricians can fully accommodate.

Choosing a Level 2 ASP Electrical Contractor

The simple fact is, not every electrician can perform Level 2 ASP work. They must be licensed. At Sea 2 Sky Electrical, as a licensed Level 2 ASP we proudly meet the highest benchmarks around technical prowess, safety practices, reliability and compliance set by the regulator. This gives our customers assurance that any Level 2 tasks:

  • Will be completed to exacting industry standards
  • Pose minimal risks to electricians, occupants or assets
  • Are performed lawfully with full permits and approvals

So for intricate metering jobs, mains connections, solar upgrades or any work needing access to local power infrastructure – our status as a licensed Level 2 ASP signals unparalleled quality and capability. To discuss your needs, contact our expert team today on 02 6456 1006 or request a quote via our contact form.