Project Highlight: Bringing Power, Safety and Efficiency to Jindabyne’s New Library

After nearly six decades of patient campaigning, Jindabyne’s long-awaited public library finally opened its doors in August 2022. As a leading commercial electrical contractor serving the Snowy Mountains region, we’re proud to have been engaged by the Built construction group for this significant Snowy Monaro Regional Council construction project, in our role to spearhead the electrical installation and fire safety works bringing this vital community asset to life.

Collaboration and Innovation

With no existing power infrastructure on site, our commercial electricians first planned and negotiated the optimal grid connection point with Essential Energy. Strategic underground power routing then enabled on-schedule building works to proceed smoothly.

Inside, we delivered full lighting supply and fittings in partnership with regional specialists Snowy Mountains Lighting. Our team also handled installation of automated climate control systems, integrating seamlessly with HVAC equipment from Jindabyne Refrigeration.

Maximising Safety Through Fire Protection

Protecting knowledge has been central to libraries across millennia. So providing advanced fire protection was a key focus. Our technicians specified and installed a hi-tech addressable fire detection network with an integrated emergency warning system. Thermal and smoke detectors provide round-the-clock monitoring while battery back-up and manual call points maximise reliability.

We further augmented fire safety by connecting all systems to secure cloud-based platforms. This enables real-time notifications while allowing emergency access and virtual inspections. Our holistic fire protection measures let the community rest assured their treasured resource stays protected.

Efficiency Through Solar And Smart Systems

Through our in-depth consultation process, energy optimisation emerged as another priority for sustaining this valuable community asset. That led Sea 2 Sky to design and install a 17KW rooftop solar system, reliably delivering over 20,000 KWh annually. This high-efficiency system slashes electricity costs by 60-80% yearly – freeing up extra resources for more programs and events.

We also provided and configured automated lighting and access control systems based on motion detection and timers. Not only does this bolster security, but smart technology also prevents any energy waste. Visitors can now enjoy extended opening without excess utility costs.

Benefiting Jindabyne For Generations

Reliable, efficient infrastructure lays vital foundations for enriching spaces like Jindabyne Library. Offering knowledge, internet access, workshops and more, the new centre empowers locals from all walks for generations to come. We thank Snowy Monaro Regional Council and Built Constructions for the opportunity to deliver the electrical backbone enabling this valued community asset. Our specialised commercial electrical services will continue advancing facilities that benefit Snowy Mountains residents into the future.

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