Electrical Safety and Standards: A Guide to Protecting Your Home.

With harsh winters and extreme weather in the Snowy Mountains region, having a properly functioning electrical system is crucial for your home or rental property. However, faults or outdated electrical infrastructure can pose serious safety issues for both residents and properties. 

As licensed electricians serving the Snowy Mountains, we want to provide key guidance on critical electrical safety practices to protect your Snowy Mountains home or rental.

Understanding Electricity Safety Standards in NSW

All electrical installation and repair work in NSW must comply with AS/NZS 3000, the Wiring Rules. This outlines safety requirements like having adequate safety switches, wiring capacity, certified electrical products and more. As your specialist electricians, staying across changing industry rules is our responsibility.

Conducting Regular Electrical Safety Checks

Carrying out routine inspections and testing ensures you catch any electrical risks before they become dangerous. Key checks include:

  • Testing safety switches monthly by pressing the in-built test button. These devices prevent electrocution by cutting power in a fault.
  • Inspecting for warning signs like flickering lights, tingling shocks from appliances, hot plugs/outlets. These can indicate loose wiring or overloaded circuits.
  • Checking smoke alarms are properly functioning as they provide early warning in a fire emergency. They are not only a legal requirement but a crucial safety feature.

The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

While DIY jobs may seem straightforward, electrical systems are complex. Always hire a licensed electrician for any electrical installations or repairs. Unqualified work can be unsafe and illegal. 

Attempting electrical work yourself risks:

  • Fire hazards from incorrect wiring connections sparking and overheating.
  • Electrocution which causes an average of 20 deaths yearly in Australia.
  • Major home damage that insurance won’t cover due to unauthorised DIY electrical work.  
  • Costly rectification of mistakes by real electricians.
  • Safety to others, faulty electrical work can not only endanger the individual performing the task but also pose a risk to others in the household.

Upgrading Outdated Electricals in Your Snowy Mountains Property

Properties built over 10 years ago likely need electrical upgrades to meet changing safety standards and power demands from additional appliances. Key upgrades we recommend include:

  • Rewiring with safety switches added to power circuits 
  • Installing hard-wired smoke alarms as extra precaution 
  • Adding power points to prevent overloading from multiple devices

Our team can fully evaluate your electrical system and advise the most suitable upgrades. As part of our Sea 2 Sky Health Check program, we conduct fixed-fee inspections on Snowy Mountain properties to identify any urgent electrical upgrades required.

Certifying Electrical Compliance

Finally, anytime electrical installation, repairs or upgrades occur, ensure you receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety from the electrician upon job completion. This certificate formally confirms your electrical system now meets all legal standards – providing peace of mind and satisfying insurance requirements.

Don’t take risks with outdated electricals or DIY work in your Snowy Mountains home. Our expert team understands this harsh climate and the electrical safety demands it places on properties in the region. Contact us today for upgrades tailored to your needs while keeping both your family and property safe.